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Casual Elegance




The proposal for Autumn – Winter for our fabrics for men collection, is inspired by the artistic interpretation of sumptuous shapes and dramatic curves such as those ofr some architectural works created by Lloyd Wright or Frank Ghery.

We have recovered the classic wool fabrics for blazers and trousers and have remaked them with a new, more casual concept, without giving up exclusivity, quality and elegance, using cotton and wool fibres as protagonists.

In the same way that great architects and painters imprinted character and personality on their creations, the guiding thread of our collection transcends informality and elegance, subtle luxury without stridency or ostentation, in our concept of men’s wardrobe.

A dark greens and navy mixed with sand palette, moles and black are represented on herringbones, micro-prints for blazers, trousers and trench coats.

Innovative finishes help us create a sarorial or casual look in yarn-dyed, piece-dyed and sulphurous fabrics.

We use recycled, organic and sustainable raw materials to manufacture fabrics with a lower environmental impact. We comply with GRS and OCS certifications that guarantee the traceability and transparency from the origin of our products.