A sustainable collection with

gabardines dobby twill fabrics.

Style and elegance


Our proposal for men’s spring/summer collection is based in the classic fabrics reinterpretation used for jackets and trousers introduced in the 80’s campaigns, where a casual concept for men’s clothing showed strength without giving up exclusivity and elegance with cotton and linen as a central role.

Our palette with whites and ecrus mixed with sand colors, camel, warm orange tones, greens, navy and black, is represented in our poplins, gabardines, double weaves, herringbones, micro-structures and micro-pattern prints we propose both for blazer and trousers. For finish process, innovative techniques employed help us to create a sartorial or casual look on yarn-dyed and piece-dyed and sulfurous fabrics.

Committed to the environment, we use recycled and organic raw materials, with GRS and OCS certification standards, to guarantee our products traceability and transparency and causing less environmental impact.