New fabrics collection

spring/ summer 2025

Folgarolas Textile, S.A was established on March 28th 1952, continuing with the textile activity started in 1935. We design and manufacture our own fabric for fashion collections, and presence spans national and global.

Our goal is to add extra value to our customers, offering them modern and high-quality products, based on ecology and sustainability manufacturing in addition. We are a team with a textile tradition, with young spirit, highly self-demanding, with service vocation and enthusiasm for our work.

We design and manufacture fabrics for fashion

Innovation combined with tradition as an initiative allows us to justify our environmental and social positioning. We use more responsible raw materials, organic and recycled fibres, dyed with free of harmful substances chemical products. Fabric finishes are carried out using a lower resources consumption and optimizing processes to preserve enviroment.

Our fabric collections are environmentally friendly and we are committed to work with local suppliers and partners to preserve proximity industrial network. We believe that prevents the climate change is not only an attitude, its our liability. This is the reason why looms and warpers in our new manufacture plant are mainly powered by solar energy.

Following our roadmap we are working to reduce our environmental impact and one of our targets is to calculate our CO2 footprint to assess our impact and analyze future actions and areas for improvement

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We design and manufacture our own fabric collections and our global presence spans several countries. Our goal is to develop innovative and sustainable high-quality products.