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spring summer 2023 collection

Company established on March 28, 1952, giving continuity to the textile activity started in 1935. The company designs and manufactures its own collections of fabrics for men and women, with a presence in more than 20 countries.

Our goal is to provide added value to our customers, offering them a current and high-quality product, adhering to manufacturing based on ecology and sustainability. We are a team with a textile tradition, a young spirit, highly demanding, with a vocation to serve and enthusiasm for our work.

Design and manufacture of fabrics for the fashion sector

Innovation combined with tradition as an initiative that allows us to justify our environmental and social positioning is the use of responsible raw materials, both organic and recycled fibers, as well as using dyeing and finishing processes that consume fewer resources and without harmful chemical products that, In addition to preserving environmental safety, they are not harmful to health.

Nuestras colecciones de tejido respetan el medio ambiente y nuestro compromiso es trabajar con proveedores y colaboradores que nos permitan preservar el tejido industrial de proximidad. Our fabric collections respect the environment and our commitment is to work with suppliers and collaborators that allow us to preserve the local industrial fabric.

Hemos creado una hoja de ruta para analizar nuestras acciones futuras y áreas a mejorar. We are working to reduce our environmental impact, improving our energy efficiency and studying biodegradable packaging for our products.

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We design and manufacture our own collections of fabrics with a presence in various countries. Our goal is to develop innovative and sustainable high-quality products.

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