Dessing up a woman

elegant feminine sophisticated. ...

Sensitivity and elegance




Our new spring/summer 2025 women’s fabric collection is inspired by the Southern African Savannah. Its dawns, sunsets and the sounds of nature make us breathe and immerse ourselves in the simplicity of life to return to origins.

A dialogue between craftsmanship and elegance, towards the exotic, simplicity, sensitivity and spontaneity, always prioritizing quality and developing sustainability.

Natural fibers such as linen, with thicker yarns in its most rustic appearance, are combined with combed and fine cottons that will represents basic and modern items at the same time.

Linen blends with more fluid fibers such as Naia ® acetate, viscose-rayon and Tencel® lyocel, for pants and blazers, dress up our version of feminine and sophisticated women.

For our piece-dyed and yarn-dyed fabrics, we use a palette of whites and ecrus elegantly combined with warm oranges and golds, deep greens, terracottas and intense navy or  midnight black. Brown is the the season’s protagonist and we play with all its shades.

Compact poplins, light trench coats, mats, double fabrics and herringbones are the main textures for this summer. All of them are finished with innovative and environmentally friendly wet processes.