Dessing up a woman

elegante femenina sofisticada ...

Sensitivity and elegance




Our Autumn-Winter 2024-2025 women’s fabrics collection introduces a dialogue towards future through the past. Inspiring us in our wool producers origins, we return to the feel of crêpe, and to the drop of worsted wool and the warmth of the carded. We emphathize the simplicity, sensitivity and spontaneity that characterizes us, prevailing quality, utility, elegance and sustainability prevail.

Thinking in modern, feminine and sophisticated woman, wool mixed with other sustainable fibers such as Naia ® acetate, Ecovero ® Viscose and Lenzing’s Tencel ® is the new protagonist in our collection. Introducing new feels of touch and volumes Textures such as raincoats, mats, double fabrics and herringbones are materialized on dresses, blazers and pants.

Our piece-dyed and yarn-dyed fabrics use a palette with ecru and black as protagonists combined with camel, burgundy, green, navy and grey. Ennobling them with innovative and environmentally friendly finishes.