Dressing up a woman

elegant feminine sophisticated ...

Sensitive to touch and forms




Our source of inspiration for this women’s spring/summer 2023 collection arose from our reinterpretation of innovative trendy features introduced by Cardin and Courrèges in the 60’s parades. We submit a dialog between urban and natur, present and future, quality and sustainability.  Natural fibres such us linen and cotton, with its most rustic looks using thicker yarns, converses with thinner combed cottons to represent our core fabrics.

Also cotton and linen blendings with most fresh and fluid ones as Naia ® acetate, viscose-rayon and Tencel® lyocell, for trousers and blazer, dress up our sophisticated and feminine women.

For our piece dye or yarn dye fabrics, we use a palette starred by a narrow range of whites and ecrus elegantly combined with goldens, oranges, greens, navy and black. Compact gabardines, hopesack weave, double weave, macro herringbones and otomans are main textures for this summer. We also play this dialog blending linen and cotton, lyocell an rayon for our stripe and check collection. All fabrics are finished with innovative and friendly enviro procedures.