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¡Folgarolas is a leading responsible company in the sector!

Here are some guidelines we have followed:

A sustainable company is one that takes into account environmental and social aspects, as well as economic ones, to create short- and long-term value. Thus, it contributes to the progress of present and future generations, and to the creation of well-being, while continuing to progress itself. Así, contribuye al progreso de las generaciones presentes y futuras, y a la creación de bienestar, sin dejar de progresar en sí misma.

The sustainable development objectives of a sustainable company must be based on corporate social responsibility. In other words, it is no longer accepted that an entity only seeks to generate profits, but rather that more and more consumers and clients demand a commitment to the planet and a contribution to sustainable development. It is a voluntary integration, by companies, of social and environmental concerns in their business operations and their relationships with their partners.

Socially responsible companies have been evolving as the world has done, that is, they adapt to the changing needs of the environment. At the same time, they combine their sustainable actions with the business strategy, turning the latter into something that goes beyond compliance with legal, fiscal or labor obligations. When making decisions, all aspects that may affect present and future generations are taken into account, thus becoming companies aware of the sustainability of the planet.

Sustainable development in companies

What is the sustainable growth of a company? Added to the final objective of economic profitability of the business, in the long and medium term, are the concepts of risk and opportunity, associated with the needs of society. By taking into account all aspects, sustainable development is achieved in which both individual and collective well-being prevail.

Thus, it is determined whether countries are “developed” or “developing”, for example. In this determination, companies play a fundamental role, since they are the fundamental pillar of the world. His attitude marks the progress of the world.

The commitment of companies influences decision-making processes at all levels of society. If the big businessmen take into account the welfare of all the agents involved in their activities, so will many other organizations that also mark the development of the planet.

Traditionally, convincing companies of the importance of being sustainable has been difficult because they considered it an expense with no return. However, over time, sustainable environmental management has translated into a positive financial impact. Therefore, companies have identified the opportunity to generate value and have become more involved in the process, driven by the benefits of being a sustainable company.

How to be a sustainable company?

Control energy consumption

Promoting habits that reduce energy consumption at work represents great savings. For example, turning off equipment that is not in use, setting the temperature of the air conditioning at the appropriate level, turning off the lights and taking advantage of sunlight, etc.

Save paper

Stopping printing without thinking and promoting digital formats represents a great reduction that helps curb problems such as deforestation or climate change.


Companies generate a large amount of waste, so managing it correctly is a good step towards sustainability. The 3R rulemust be present in every company.

Environmental education and training

Educating workers creates awareness, which leads them to respect these points and apply them.

Sustainable suppliers

Choosing suppliers with an environmental commitment and, preferably, local or proximity suppliers is a small gesture with a big impact.

Sustainable means of transport

Having hybrid or electric vehicles, promoting collective transport for workers, the use of public transport, cycling or walking are actions to reduce the environmental impact of transport.

Apply ecodesign

Ecodesign is designing products from an environmental point of view, taking into account the entire production process, from its creation to the end of its useful life.

Promote sustainability among customers

Running campaigns that reward customers’ sustainable acts is a good way to encourage environmental responsibility and educate customers.

Collaborate with social actions

In addition to everything that can be done within the company, you can also go further and collaborate with entities that care about the environment.

Reduce environmental footprint

Measuring the impact of companies that, due to their own activity, harm the environment, allows planning actions to minimize and be more sustainable.